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By Corey Tournet August 27, 2018

The first thing to determine when looking for the best clothes washer is your laundry habits and needs. Do you have to wash a lot of laundry, or a little? Do you live in an apartment or other place where you aren’t allowed to install a conventional washing machine?

There is a company named Dyson which has invented the best clothes washer in the world, in our opinion. Rather than simply copying an existing washing machine and adding a couple bells and whistles, they came up with a revolutionary design which cleans better than any other type of washing machine. Prior to developing the product, Dyson ran some tests and discovered an astonishing fact: 15 minutes of hand washing produced cleaner clothes than 67 minutes in the best washing machine. The Dyson engineers found that by replacing the 1 drum with 2 aligned drums that rotate in opposite directions, they could replicate the action of hand washing. Active washing, such as hand washing, flexes the fabric more, which is a better, more efficient way of removing dirt. 


In the US market, the most popular type of washing machine is the top loader. However, in terms of wash quality and many other factors, the best clothes washer is a front loader. They are gentler on the clothes, have a larger capacity and use less energy. Also, some have a built in water heater element that can heat the water to up to 200 degrees. This feature improves cleaning, and is ideal for washing children’s clothes and for killing bacteria and viruses that are common during cold and flu season. The biggest drawback is the initial price, which can be several hundred dollars or more than that of a top loading washer. They also take longer to wash the clothes. Below is a chart comparing the two types, which should help you determine which is the best clothes washer for you.


Feature Front loader Top Loader
Cleanliness of wash X  
Capacity X (about 30% more)  
Spin Sped X  
Ease of Use   X (no need to bend down)
Energy Use X  
Price   X
Gentle on fabric X  
Stackable X no
Durability X  
Requires special detergent X no
Presoak no X
Lifespan X  

Many people, such as apartment dwellers, boaters, campers, RVers, overseas military etc. don’t have access to conventional washers and dryers. Others simply want to save on the costs of the laundromat or laundry service. For them, the best clothes washer may be the Wonderwash, a $42.95 portable non-electric model featured below.

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