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By Corey Tournet August 27, 2018

Laundry can quickly become a nuisance while camping — plus, money adds up when you have to go to the laundromat. And if choose to hand wash, you’ll likely spend a lot of time and energy (and you’re RV will be covered in wet clothes).

But these aren’t your only options for washing and drying clothes on the road or out in the wilderness. Instead, you can opt for The Laundry Alternative’s convenient camping appliances like a portable washer and dryer.


Try our Portable Camping Washing Machine and Dryer

Portable washers and dryers allow you to clean and dry your clothes wherever you are. What’s more, they’re light and small enough to store within the confines of an RV or camper. No matter what kind of camping situation you have, The Laundry Alternative has camping washers and dryers that fit.

Our camping appliances provide additional benefits on top of their portability. Since these RV washing machines are energy efficient, they save you valuable time and money.

Our Solutions for Laundry While Camping:

Compact Designs

At The Laundry Alternative, we have a selection of washing machines and dryers perfect for RVs and campers, and our units are small enough to fit on the counter of your RV and then put in storage.

Choose from our compact, portable designs, such as the Eco-Egg Mini Washing Machine, which holds small loads of laundry, ideal for socks and underwear. Or pick the Miniwash that can handle your jeans or sweaters.

We have RV dryers to go with our mini washers so you don’t have to wait around for your clothes to dry. Each mini-RV dryer efficiently spins clothing dry. Our selection of RV clothes dryers include the Nina Soft Spin Dryer, which dries clothing in under five minutes and our super portable Mini Countertop Spin Dryer that barely uses any space.

No-Power Options

If you’re camping away from a power source, you can use our WonderWash unit — it will clean your clothes within two minutes! You could even use this washing machine while your RV is on the road. This option works with a hand crank, so you can operate it yourself without the need for electricity or water. 

Find Your Camping Appliance

Shop for a portable washer and dryer from The Laundry Alternative and select from a variety of differing price points and features. Browse our selection of camping appliances to find the ones that fit your unique laundry needs.

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