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Stain Removal C

By Corey Tournet August 23, 2018


Wash carefully by hand, using cool water and a wool-washing detergent such as Eucalan Woolwash. Cashmere should not be wrung, however it can be spin-dried.


Since chapstick is a petroleum grease based product a good concentrated grease removal product should work like pinesol or citrasolv. Natural Choices has a product called Orange Power which will work well on that kind of stain.


Children’s Clothing

Many stains can be eliminated by pre-treating or pre-soaking.


Try to avoid washing down comforters, if possible. They should be dry-cleaned, however not every cleaner will accept them due to their weight (for environmentally-conscious consumers, see if you can find a wet cleaner that will take care of these items). If you need to wash them at home due to an emergency or other reason, launder by hand or in a machine using the shortest cycle possible. A good airing will usually freshen up down or feathers, and you can preserve the comforter’s appearance with a new removable cover.

Before washing or dry cleaning feather eiderdown, determine whether or not the      covering is sturdy enough to withstand laundering. Feather eiderdowns can tear, and the feathers could clog washing machines or dry cleaning equipment. Use very cool water, as hot water can cause an unpleasant smell by releasing oils in the feathers. Do not machine wash for more than three minutes.


Use Orange Power or other cleaner containing d-limonene.


Oxygen bleach products will do an excellent job for you.


Not all curtains can be washed, as washing can cause permanent creasing in some of them.  Tip: an occasional vacuuming will cut down on the number of times you wash them. Make sure to vacuum the tops, where a lot of dust tends to accumulate. Lace curtains: Wash with a delicate cycle, cold water, and a wool-safe detergent, such as Eucalan Woolwash. If made of cotton, hang out to dry. Polyester blends can be machine-dried on a delicate cycle. Ruffled curtains: The key is to avoid overdrying, which causes a lot of wrinkles. For best results, iron and starch cotton ruffles.      Cotton/polyester blends and all synthetic ruffles can be spun dry and hung      to finish drying. Make sure they are fully dried before you tie them back. Tip: Afraid your vacuum has too much suction to avoid “swallowing” curtains? There’s a little opening, called an air bleeder, on the of most vacuums which reduces the suction when you open the valve.  Sheers/delicates: These are usually 100 percent polyester, so use      cold water and a delicate cycle when washing. Hang to dry immediately after the spin cycle finishes. Don’t put them in the dryer, or you’ll get tons of small wrinkles that will never come out.

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