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By Corey Tournet August 23, 2018


The confusing part about caring for rayon is that two types of rayon exist: viscose and polynosic. The major difference is that viscose rayon becomes weak when wet, and therefore normally requires dry cleaning. Occasionally it can be finished so that gentle hand washing is possible. Blends with 30 percent or more polyester will provide enough strength for gentle hand washing or machine laundering. Polynosic rayon is an improved version with high wet strength. You can safely machine wash and dry it. How do you tell the difference? Unless information is provided on the label, or can be obtained by calling the manufacturer, you can’t. Machine washable rayons will have the term polynosic, the trade names Modal or Zantrel, or indicate machine wash and dry on the label. The term viscose on a label will be accompanied by a care label that indicates to dry clean. For best results, follow care label instructions.


There are several potential sources of rust stains. Garments can pick up rust stains by coming into contact with rusted metals. Iron in your water supply is another potential source of rust stains. You can solve this problem by purchasing a water conditioner or iron filter. It is a good idea to check your washer and dryer drums for rust as well. Remove any rust you find. Lemon juice and salt can sometimes remove rust stains on fabrics. Apply to the stained area, then lit sit for several minutes. Then pour boiling   water through the fabric (if it can withstand boiling water). Lemon juice and salt are not as effective as commercial rust removal products. However, many commercial rust removers contain hazardous materials, and should be used with care. Hydrofluoric acid is a highly effective ingredient which is used in many professional and consumer rust removal products. However, if it contacts your skin it can cause serious burns, take great care to ensure none gets on your skin or in your eyes. Oxalic acid is another rust remover, which does not work as quickly as hydrofluoric acid but is safer. However, oxalic acid is an internal poison and must be kept away from children and pets at all times.

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