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Think about how often babies have accidents, spill food on themselves, get into things, and spit up? You can’t just put that stuff aside and deal with it another day, all of your baby blankets, burp clothes, and baby clothes have to be cleaned and ready to go in case you need them. All of that translates into a great deal of small loads of laundry every single day. Keeping up with that much laundry can have some serious consequences on your wallet, but luckily we can help.

 We are the Laundry Alternative and we are your premier source for high quality compact washing machines and dryers. Compact washing machines are absolutely perfect for baby clothes. They use hardly any water, they are super gentle on clothes, they are incredibly quiet, they can be hooked up to your sink, and they can clean small loads in a matter of minutes. Many people would expect to pay an arm and a leg for such an incredible solution, but our portable washing machines start out at just $42.95. Our machines allow you to enjoy more time for yourself, cheaper water bills, and a quieter laundry solution during your baby’s nap time.

Keeping up with the your baby’s laundry can be overwhelming and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Discover for yourself what so many new moms are raving about and purchase your own mini washing machine with the Laundry Alternative. Start saving and enjoy great deals on the very best products when you shop with us today.

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