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Mini Washer and Dryer

By Corey Tournet August 28, 2018

A mini washer and dryer combo from Laundry Alternative is the perfect money and energy saving way to do your frequent, small loads. While normal spin machines are rough on delicates causing them to rip and tear, they also clog themselves with lint and reduce their own longevity over time.

You’ll be impressed by how amazingly durable our products can be. The simple design of our clothes washers and dryers require relatively little maintenance, allowing you to save money on costs after your purchase. Not only that, but the energy you can save with products hundreds of times more efficient makes it worthwhile.

Their compact design allows them to fit in tiny spaces or up on counter tops. So new parents living in an apartment that once faced the dilemma of a laundry day with a sleeping or fussy newborn can now relax. The quiet, 2-3 minute cycles of our mini washers and dryers makes for a speedy laundry job that can’t be matched by other imitation products.

We only offer the best quality eco-friendly laundry products in our power. We are so confident about their quality that we back them up by a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1 to 2 year warranty depending on what mini washer you decide to purchase. With Laundry Alternative, you know you can wash clean while staying green. View our selection of washers and dryers for great savings on time, energy and money.

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