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Our Products are Environmentally Conscious Too

By Corey Tournet August 28, 2018

A Nature-Friendly Alternative to Conventional Washers and Dryers

A commitment to the environment can be difficult sometimes, especially when it comes to laundry. Even if you want to do the right thing, appliance companies don’t make it easy on you. Your choices are washers and dryers that use exorbitant amounts of water and energy, even when you choose an Energy Star model. You might even resort to hand washing and line drying all of your clothes, which is time consuming and cumbersome.



But these ends of the spectrum are not your only options. Instead, turn to The Laundry Alternative, where we offer the eco-friendly options you’ve been waiting for. Our appliances will make your life easier, while helping you stick to your environmental values. We share those values, which is why we try so hard to offer appliances that are as green as possible.

Fit Your Environmental Values

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Washers

Using an eco-friendly washer helps you save significantly on water and energy. Our washers use small amounts of energy — and our WonderWash model uses absolutely no electricity. We have washers that use 90 percent less water and much less detergent than their mainstream counterparts.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Dryers

When you choose an eco-friendly clothes dryer that spins the clothing dry instead of using heat and tumbling, you gain 100 times the energy efficiency of a regular dryer. Compare that to Energy Star dryers — the best the mainstream industry offers for energy efficiency — which only give you 20 percent energy savings over regular machines. When you choose an eco-friendly dryer from us, you’ll have dry clothes in just minutes.

Additional Environmental Benefits

These machines can also fit your green lifestyle in less apparent ways:

Less Waste

They are gentler on your clothing, keeping it in its best condition longer. This can prevent the cycle of constantly buying new and getting rid of the old.

They’re perfect for washing cloth diapers and cloth rags, which you can use in place of disposable diapers and paper towels. Since you’ll use less water and energy to clean cloth diapers than with regular machines, this option makes sense when you’re trying to be environmentally responsible.

Energy Savings

Our dryers don’t use heat, so they won’t heat up your home in the summer and force you to use extra energy to cool it down.

Even if you only use these machines in between larger loads with conventional appliances, you will still save significant amounts of water and energy.

Choices in Eco Friendly Appliances

At The Laundry Alternative, we offer a selection of space-saving and energy-efficient washers and dryers. We have a variety of products for you to choose from, including portable choices, mini choices and even a hand-cranking washer that doesn’t use any electricity. We also have drying units that dry your clothes in minutes for simplicity and energy efficiency.

While saving energy and water, our machines will also give you the benefits of saving time, space and money.

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