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Wonderwash Manual Washing Machine

By Corey Tournet August 24, 2018

The Wonderwash is a manual washing machine that offers many advantages over electrical models. First is price, at only $42.95 it’s much less than electric washers with this capacity, which are typically in the $100 range.

First, most of the electric mini washers with this capacity are barely any easier to use. With the exception of a couple of our models, they don’t have an automatic rinse cycle, nor a water level switch that shuts the water off when full. You have to babysit them, meaning you have to stand by to turn off the water when full, then turn the water back on to manually start the rinse cycle. With the Wonderwash, because it uses much less water for the same size load, you actually save time versus the electric mini washers. The only benefit to the electric models the hands-free wash cycle, however as this only 1-2 minutes in the Wonderwash, there’s not much advantage at all. No mini washers have spin cycles so that is a “wash.”


The Wonderwash manual washer is also more compact and lightweight, because the entire drum can be used for washing. Electric units have a bulky motor and many internal components that add space and weight. Pound for pound, the Wonderwash has much more washing capacity.

The Wonderwash is also much gentler on the clothes, as it does not have an agitator or impeller. The clothes are gently tumbled, similar to a front loader (and front loaders are the gentlest on clothes). With electric mini washers, you can have more tangling and friction, often more than with larger washing machine.

Even in terms of product lifespan, the Wonderwash is generally better. Most mini washers are not going to last nearly as long as larger washing machines

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