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Mini Washing Machine: Save Your Quarters

By Corey Tournet August 24, 2018

Are you sick of going to the laundromat every single week? Not only is it inconvenient to have to travel somewhere else to do your laundry, it is also expensive. Think about it this way, if you do 3 loads of laundry per week, and it costs around $3 per load ($1.50 for the washer and $1.50 for the dryer) that is $9 a week. That doesn’t seem too bad, but over the course of a year that adds up to a whopping $468. That is a much scarier number, not to mention that number doesn’t even factor in the gas that you take to get there or your valuable time that you are wasting at the laundromat. Luckily we have a solution for you. At The Laundry Alternative we have a wide variety of mini washing machines that can help you to save money and time!

Our portable washing machines are perfect for people who live in apartments because they work great, and they are easy to store. You don’t even need washer/dryer hookups because many of our units hookup directly to your sink. Our machines take very little water and energy to work, and they can clean your clothes in a matter of minutes. The best part is that they are a lot gentler on your clothes than a tradition washing machine. We also offer portable clothes dryers that work just as well as our washing machines. With our apartment sized washers and dryers, you will never have to go to the laundromat again.

Whether you haven’t taken the leap to buy your own washer and dryer because of the cost or a lack of space in your home, you don’t have to waste your time or money on going to the laundromat anymore. Our machines work incredibly well, they are compact and easy to store, and they are so affordable! Don’t wait, shop with us today.

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