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Our economy is slowly but surely on the upswing of our recession, but there are still quite a few people out of work and looking to save as much money as possible wherever they can. Families with small children tend to do quite a bit of laundry, and the electricity and water bills tend to add up quickly with so much laundry. The average American household pays around $110 a month for their electricity alone; imagine how much continuous laundry contributes to that number. At the Laundry Alternative we specialize in providing you with the tools that you need to keep your clothes clean, and save a lot on utilities month after month. Our compact washing machines are the best in the business, and they are such a wonderful alternative to a traditional washing machine.

We understand what quality means to our customers so we work hard to provide you with only the best options to choose from. we have hand selected all of our mini washing machines, and we stand by the quality of each and every item that we sell. Although we would recommend all of our products, a customer favorite is the WonderWash. The WonderWash weighs in at around 5.5 lbs but has the capacity to get 5 lbs of clothes clean in just a couple of minutes. This takes up hardly any water, it even uses less water than hand washing. This is ideal for delicates because it is so gentle on your clothes.

If you are looking for a great way to help shave a few dollars off of your monthly bills than you need to look into our compact washing machines. Our machines are affordable, and you will save so much money on your bills that they will eventually pay for themselves. Shop with us today.

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